Netflix Fame Squid Game Themed Cafes in UAE

‘Red Light, Green Light’ ‘Dalgona Candy’ ‘Number 456’ If you have already guessed the liaison between these fragments, you’re in for a great surprise. There are Squid Game themed cafes in UAE where you can experience epic drama in real life.

Squid Game themed Cafes in UAE

While the South Korean survival drama has been topping Netflix’s homepage for weeks now, the impact it created among pop fanatics is beyond imagination. Not just in Korea, but across the world, it grabbed the attention of the audience as the number 456 moved forward. The impact of ‘Squid Game’ certainly did reflect thousands of miles away from Korea – in the UAE. 

Dot Cafe in Ajman

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UAE is not a stranger to giving life to pop references. There is a ‘Friends’ burger joint and ‘Game of Toast’ which pays respect to the iconic TV shows. 

Joining the list is Dot Cafe located in Ajman which creates Squid Game themed drinks and treats. Even the packaging designs and staff uniforms has an inspiration by the K-drama.

The cafe well-known for its iced coffee, variety of frappes, and desserts is inviting the customers to play the honeycomb game. For every AED 50 spent at the cafe, you’ll get a Dalgona candy. Don’t worry, there will not be a gun to your head. But if you do succeed, you’ll get a chance to win an iPad, Squid Game hoodies, and free food.

Brand Manager Sanket Gowda mentions there are more giveaways planned at the end of October. So, if you haven’t had any plans yet, this week would be a great time to visit Dot Cafe, play the non-lethal Dalgona, and win some big prizes.

Just Vegan Restaurant in Jumeirah

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Just Vegan unveiled a bunch of Squid Game inspired changes. 

Enter the restaurant to find out the staffs are clad in game-themed aprons. It is just the beginning. Masks are distributed to the visitors to get them completely into the character zone. The restaurant itself is redesigned to accommodate the game-themed walls, placements, and other nuances. The menu here is inspired by the Deadly ‘Green Light Red Light’ game. 

Sign up to play the Dalgona game. Those who sign up would be eligible for a complimentary dish from the Squid Game menu. Participants are given the option to choose the shape of their choice. If you get the shape out of the candy successfully, you’ll be eligible for the next level- the marble game. Winners would get the Just Vegan powered Squid Game Merchandises. 

The good news doesn’t stop here. Just Vegan is planning to host Tug of War and the other ‘Squid Game’ themed games in the future. Stay tuned to get the latest updates.

Want to enjoy squid games without the killing. Then we have a best option for you!

Play Squid Game at Korea Pavilion every day until November 14

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